today, i woke up and everything was the same. everytime i open my eyes i wished that i was 10 years younger. because i don't have to think about problems, exams, relationships, money and everything. everyday is fun. you got family, friends, toys and protection. nobody gonna be mad if you broke something . at least you don't have to pay for it. first thing is grow up healthy and smart. and that is what i am today. but its just my imagination. the truth is i'm don't get enough food, not enough money, and not enough time!

my exam week just around the corner and i'm still here in front of this monitor trying to say something weird about my life. my everyday life. every time i type in something i hope that it will bring something up. maybe like money raining from the sky or i got A's for my exam. at least it makes me relief from my problems for a second. its still don't do much though.

all i hope is that i could do my parent proud of me...proud for having me...

thats all...

another day another dime

its kinda wierd today...i got up early and ready for classes as usual. After class we all was going to cafe for brunch and then this girl,as i tried to talk to her, she got mad at me. all i just did was joking around asking some girls there to go out wiF me and she kinda humiliate me there--in front of every one!--.i got mad and throw myself away..not bother to talk to her again.then she kinda felt regret and try to talk to me again.she sms me but i dont have a heart to reply that time, so ignored her with feeling to reply it later.not long after that my phone rang and i picked it up. it turned to be she, pleading for forgiveness and i have to say yes as she sounds so regret and hopeful. Anyway, its still one of stories in my life.

Actually, exam just around the corner and i got to be ready to read with all the subjects.its kinda heavy actually.so many too read but yet too little time left. but still i have to be positive and work wiF all i got.i wont let my parent down this time..not anymore..

thats all..

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