Its not the time yet

When I was playing futsal last week, I see some new faces here and there. Then I started to think if its "the time". Being where I am right now is kinda boring. Every day I do same routine over and over again. Maybe this might work, or so I thought.

But when I walked by the mirror I see myself full of sweat and really exhausted. With that look, there might not be a single chance for me. So I rest my heart at peace again. Waiting for the right time.

"All that had happened along this road either you like it or not will make you grow up, or at least make you what you are right now.."

thats all..

Futsal and futsal

Kalah kat grup smua sbb reff pemalas dan buta. Maleh dah nak pikir..layan je la gmbr nih..

thats all..

Went back already

Khamis miggu depan kena balik Malaysia balik sebab nak re-new kad maybank aku yang rosak tu.
Balik 3 hari je tapi dapat balik kira okay la. Nasib baik cuti boleh amik ble2 je sem nih. Senang nak setelkan masalah macam ni.

Now nak kena siapkan skripsi cepat-cepat supaya balik je dari Malaysia nanti boleh terus seminar. YEAH~!

Oh Tuhan tolong lah hambaMu yang lemah dan hina ini...

thats all..

That dinner..

I guess I miss "her" so much..though I don't really understand why..LOL
Enjoy these pictures. ^^

Last Saturday I had dinner at Aryaduta hotel. Its masquerade night so we all masked ourselves.

I got seated with Jenn and Ila. Nina also seated with me.

Well, we rock this night! LOL

I took a picture with this pretty and hot girl. I wish I can meet her again soon. =p

thats all..

how boring is my llife

Try be me and you'll kill yourself right away. LOL

Don't have anything to do this week though my skripsi did not move a bit..

I'm feeling a bit low because most of my friends went home. There are only some of us left and we are boring shit!

Tonight I got dinner with PMUSU. Don't really feel like it though.

thats all..