eat and eat some more

We went out a couple days ago to this all-you-can-eat korean restaurant. Just spending sometimes after hardwork (not for me coz I was lazy this week) and spending some money.

Getting really bloated after 3 hours eating. Really forcing the food down the lane.

thats all..

missing link

When the time moves, it never stops,
There are times when I wish it were,
for there are moment in my life takes so much precious memories,
and some times I wish it moves slower,
because there are so much things to do and to be done,
and there are times I hope it goes faster,
just when I had had enough of waiting for something unsure,
its not working that way though.

thats all..

more photoshop pic

I'm having sleeping disorder past few weeks. It makes me spending my day sleeping and stay awake the whole night. So here what I do with my time.

thats all...

All the faces

Its been almost a month we went out together these faces. But every time we meet we still laugh so much. =)

thats all..

Looking up

I imagined things were different now,
I held your hand, You hold me tight,
The sun lights our way and the moon singing high,
I turn to you and whisper in your ear,
"Will you be the mother to my child?"
 You nodded and smile with happiness.
"Yes, I do." 
is what you answered.


thats all...

Photoshop-ed more

I had this weekend just for photoshop. Ahhh...can't stop doing it. lolz.
Check out some more. =)

got more work to do now that I've wasted my time on photoshop-ing. Guess I should start now.

thats all...

Until you

"Nobody, nobody touched me like you,
Nobody, nobody ever knew me like you,
Life was good to me but you just made it better,
Nothing impossible,
This love is beautiful so unforgettable,
Will you stand by me?
Hold on and never let me go?
With you I know where I belong,
You make things right every times after time,
I see my future now in this world and its wonder,
You are the reason,
My only reason"

thats all..


Mingling with photoshop lately. Here are results.

still working on some pics. Will post more.
thats all..

That girl

"Ya Allah Jika dia benar untukku Dekatkanlah hatinya dengan hatiku,Jika dia bukan milikku Damaikanlah hatiku Dengan ketentuan-Mu..."

I wish that girl is the one that I'm looking for. 
The one that I'm waiting for so long. 
The one that I'll spend the whole life together. 
The one that I'm happy just to be by her side. 
The one that gonna stay by me when I'm happy or sad. 
The one that gonna change me for better. 
That girl. That girl. That girl.

thats all...

Half full and half empty

Malam ini patutnya otak aku tak serabut sebab exam baru je habis tadi. Tapi hanya satu panggilan telefon membuatkan aku terpaksa memerah otak mencari ayat yang terbaik untuk dilafazkan.

Apa patut aku cakap pada orang yang sedih dan marah sebab ditipu oleh lelaki? Apa aku patut dengar saja? Atau aku patut sokong apa yang dia cakap?

Aku tahu aku tak banyak experience dalam bab-bab hubungan ni, tapi atleast aku kena cuba bagi feedback yang reasonable and rational. Malam ni aku telah belajar satu lagi pelajaran yang berharga dalam hidup yang singkat ini.

Perkataan "matured" telah membuatkan aku struggled sampai ke saat ini. For I believe that wisdom came to those who are matured...

thats all..