front line,soldier!

its almost 2 month since i was home. Next few days i'll be back in Medan to continue my course. Classes are not going to start just yet. but I have to head back early to register for a new semester. I've planned to buy a new bike -motosikal- and as soon as I've done with registeration I hope my new bike is already there in my garage. I'm not sure which bike I should buy. I had some picture in my head but the prices still unknown to me. For a safer way, i'll pick a less fuel-burn type bike just suiting my needs. Sometimes I even think about having a scooter. You don't need to change gear or anything. Just press on the accelerator and there you go. Moving smooth but soundly. I hope i'll pick a right one this time.

Thats all..

war ahead

Times flew like winds. its like just yesterday I arrived home and only a week from now i will depart back to Medan. My last test result were really dissapointing. I can't even get an A for any subject. I knew it will be like that. Even if I try hard to the very end, its just won't do enough.

actually my mind not really into writing this.LOL. I'm watching Incredible hulk right now. so much work but yet so much scrapping off. *sigh*.well, I'm almost finish with the web. I should upload it by tomorrow and hope it will be ok.

thats all..

Give me more work

I hadn't had enough sleep lately. I had to finish this web A.S.A.P. though its really tiring. sometimes i asked myself again, why in the world did I accept this kind of job?. Its not like I'm not happy with it, maybe i'm kinda stress with all the work that need to be done sooner. I really am puting all I got into this web. I work from a scratch and made a web. then something just didn't went right. so I start from a scratch again. This happened so many times. I can't even recalled how many times did I repeated this steps again and again. I wanted to show everyone the best I could give them. Its not merely a job for scraping off or even just for fun. I did it to improve myself. I had this boundaries that I know I could surpassed it. It just take a lot of works and intention. Its just then you'll know how big is this world.

Lately, i'm working on Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver. So much to explore yet too shorts in time. Seems like the clock spins faster each day. Not a second to waste.

Thats all..