I’m trying

I am already here in my hometown. Just as planned, I stayed with her at LCCT until morning. It was the best moment ever in my life. We spend time together all night going here and there and then back again just to kill time. Being with her until morning just won't do. I really hope we can spend more time together. Parting time sure is hard. I don't know if I ever have chance like this ever again.

Days passed by and I'm beginning to fall for her more and more. I said that this time I won't put everything on the line, but the truth is I'd already do that. Now I felt like every day I want to see her, hear her voice, talk to her. I madly in love with her and this is what I afraid the most. Once I fall in love, in my eyes, everything in the world is nothing more important than she is.

I hate this feeling so much but I also want this so much. As long as no one else gets her I don't really worry if it takes more than forever to be with her.

thats all..

I didn’t know it

Sometimes I got carried away so easily. I wanted to hide something and only show something but in the end everything just revealed itself. I'm so embarrassed right now. I should not have put that picture there in the first place. Everything is a mess now...

"Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?
I don't care..."

thats all...

My paper heart

I'm doing just fine with everything for sometimes. Most of my time still passed by with me doing nothing. I sleep a lot and dream a lot.
I'm thinking about having my hair cut before I go home for Raya.

It looks like everyone beginning to notice about my new 'someone'. I only had a picture of her - taken unnoticed - and that is the only picture of her I ever have since I knew her. I want to know everything about her. Her family, friends, favourite foods, favourite music, and most important is her heart.

Please give me more time to be with her...to know her...to love her...

thats all...

Its already decided

"Its not hard making a decision, its painful.."

But this time, its nothing near pain or grieve. Its full of joy and passionate. Now, its up to me to make myself better and useful.
Maybe I'll be spending less time with my friends from now on. So busy I guess.LOL!

thats all..

Too early too soon

I've been wondering if I'm moving too fast in this relation. We just get to know each other for about 2 weeks now but it seems to me that cupid's arrows had been shot too early. I'm not very sure of it until now.

"Prophecy: Prince Ashitaka, show everyone your right arm..My prince, are you ready to learn what fate the stone has foretold you?

Prince: Yes, I was prepared the very moment that I let my arrow fly." -Princess Mononoke

Since I'm not putting everything on the line this time, I guess the only thing I can do is back off for awhile. We should really take it slow a bit.

thats all..


"it's not over tonight,
just give me one more chance to make it right,
I mean I'll make it through the night,
I won't go home without you."

Can't wait until that day come.
just hoping that my parent will nod for this.

Thats all..

I’m heading back

The next day, I try to do my assignment that had been delayed about a week, but to no avail. Maybe my mind did not set up straight yet.

I'm still working out to manage my schedule and my time. So much scrapping off for today I think. I'm beginning to wonder if I ever start a family how bad it will be with my life still a mess. I should start making myself better or it will never be.

Thats all...

i'm back for more one more time

No friendster.
No 'partner'.
No messenger.
No bad thing.
No 'date'.

Oh my, what will I ever say for these 'no's. I don't know.

Yes single.
Yes lonely.
Yes 'don't care'.
Yes hanging out.
Yes 'whatever'

These are my 'yes's. I don't mind.

thats all...


There is nothing in this world that could have been better than having no assignment at all. I really wish we didn't have to do any of it because it really tighten our schedule each coming day. But to give it up means there is no marks for you.

"Ass" as in 'asshole' doesn't match with 'assignment'. Neither do 'asset' , 'assault' , 'assist' nor 'assumption'. Because assignment is not really an ass, though sometimes it sucks.

Seriously its not working out for me right now. I need to concentrate more on the works than scrapping off every minutes. I need to study hard...I mean really hard!!

There are so much to read yet I don't know where to start. Maybe I should take a rest for now. LOL.

thats all..

hiking the hill

"Breadtalk is a breadshop"

I would go anywhere if she want to..

"Muffin, Blueberry Bun,cheese cake etc is so delicious"

I would buy everything if she want to...

thats all...

Fasting is loving

Light of happiness seems to be upon me. I'd take it slowly this time but still I put all I got on the line.

Fasting month seems to me like a month of love. I've known someone before this and got hooked up really bad in this time of year. And now here I am again chasing someone else like I did last time. The difference is just this time I've prepare for whats coming.

I don't know what should I do with the web anymore. Seems like my time of creativity and critist has lost and no where to be found. I need more inspiration and fresh ideas.
Where could I get one?

I don't know.

thats all..