Pisang River expedition

i got early in the morning coz today i have to meet my frenz in front of International Islamic University. I went there in tren and cab. its some kind of expedition coz we all had to travel about 1 km before we reach the picnic place. we even walked beside highway road. but all effort did pay when we reach there. its so amazing and refreshing. First thing first. so we lit up the charcoal and prepared the barbaque place and so on. when its all set its time to do some splash!! wuho0!!

after all the travelling and swimming,i felt really exhausted. i got home at 8 o'clock nite time. being there quite entertain me. i felt like going there some other time now.=)

thats all..

home sweet home

so great to be here at last. i'd experienced a journey on a ferry with pijan and hidir. its kinda fun to hang on upper deck with wind blowing your hair and sweeping your sweats. it thrilled me to nerves. but for sure, i got home safe and sound. i even get a free ride from a very good lorry driver coz i got stuck in other place. in the end everything went fine. thank God for everything.
i'm not doing much through day though i want to do more. i'm exhausted from a long trip home. i guess scrap by now wouldn't hurt. i should get a very good sleep. its really tiring. even now.
my dad ask me to went out '40 hari' but i got a lot to do in mind. so maybe i just stick with 20 days instead. i'm not quite sure if i really wanna do this. but i have to confide myself to it. theres no other way better than doing this. i'll surely doing it until my heart accept it as it is.
thats all..


three days after final exam and i still here in Medan. actually its quite fun and enjoying coz i have my friends here to do things together. i'm going home by ferry tomorrow morning. its my first time riding it so i'm kinda nervous. i hope everything gonna be well.
some of the exam result had come out and its not as good as you always wanted. so far i got B+, B, C and D. so far its came out right. i'm not really putting my faith in these papers. i know i'm not doing very well. but still if some miracle happened i really glad. for now i just accept what ever result came to me.
i don't know if i'd changed a lot from when i first came here. somebody told me i am different. in what way i still don't know. i hope i'm changed for the better not for worse.
thats all..


its exam week already and i didn't feel a damn about it. I don't know why I didn't feel like having exam though it is final sem exam. This exam thing just didn't really matter for me anymore. Maybe I wanted so much to go home that make it less important. But still I studied hard at night and revised it at an hour or two before the test starts.
I wanted to sell my bike so that I can buy a new one that fit my needs. I had spent more money on fuel than usual riders. Thats why I need a new spend-less-money-on-fuel-bike. I still don't know what to bring home this time. Should I bring usual stuff or should I bring smothing different. We'll see...
thats all...