its hard when it come to exam week..i got less sleep, less food, less money and less time to shove things off. but its all over now. exam week has pass and i don't even remember what i wrote on those papers..HAHAHA..but still its a long way before i graduate from this university. many thing can happen then,and sometimes the thing that happened are least expected.

sometimes i miss my family so much that i cried in my bed. its been too long since i departed from Motherland. its gonna be another 2 or 3 month till i get to be with them again...miss them so much..

thats all..

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exam mode

nothing much done lately..just found a few nice website where i can read comics n stuff...really like it a lot.

its exam mode!! i'm pretty damn well bout last 3 papers...i just confident enough with my answer but not all answers might be right...but its not over yet..
time to get serious!!

thats all..

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