Treat myself a treat

Having some ice cream for supper. God how long I haven't had any ice cream. Its feel nice!

thats all..

Doing anything

I can't make any stranger any more special. Like I was trying to spread all of attention. Why? Because I am a middle son in my family. Wish I can go home to my family. I miss them very much.

thats all..

for steff

All the tiring and what for again?

"Kalau setakat belajar gigi je buat apa sampai 5 tahun??"

Typical question for a dentist. Actually we learn more than just teeth. We learn anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology and more on medical stuff. Dentistry is only one specialist part of medical that control what goes into you. Its the gate of your body. You will have a great smile with a dental care. That's what we are.

Another part of the story is just about her. I'm just a person who like to look at the beauty of life and admire it.
At Bintan. What a beautiful place to go. I wish I can go there soon.
I just love the perspective here. Looks like she's concentrating on her laptop and being good at it.

thats all..


Almost three weeks here and currently enjoying a bit of life. I had to clean all calculus and plaque in mouth. I guess being a dentist, you will always gonna see bad oral and smell bad odor.
Using scaling manual and electric does help me learning to clean teeth totally.
And of course the sweet beautiful person here spice up my every day life. But there is a lot to catch. I can't just sitting around idling. Hopefully I will pass this department with flying colors.

thats all..

Having another day is not having yesterday

"Time pass by quickly"

thats all..

Gadis Netral

Today I bumped into a lovely girl and I didn't realize it until far. She walked right up until I accidentally bumped her butt. I said sorry and moving on. As I sitting down, I catch a glimpse of her and she was so beautiful. She had a gorgeous eyes, straight nose, pretty smile and everything looks fine on her. Sure caught up my attention a lot.

thats all..


Its been two days! Two days!!! I can't do all the right stuff and I felt dizzy all the time. Because of this diarrhea I hardly do any works. I've taken med this morning and I hope everything will be better after an hour.

I can't sleep last night because of the pain. My stomach rumbling and growling and it kicks around like something wanna come out. So I lie at the hall watching tv. I end up sleeping for an hour but wake up again by the stomach ache.

Urgghhhhhh~!!! I hate this!!!

thats all..

slow progress

I've spent a lot of money.

I've spent more times doing nothing.

And now I'm thinking of escaping somewhere.

I need a break.

thats all..