what really happened??

seriously I don't know what happened to flower i just sent to her...but when I open up frenster, I found out that she just posted some poems that really ligthen up my day just reading it...its just so relieves to know that she had some feeling inside her and hopefully its for me...
its just a matter of time for me to confess to her and I'll make sure for it to be grand and wonderful...
thats all..

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i sent roses to her and a teddy!!! i really hope she like it..can't wait to see her responce..he3..i'd willing all my life to her...=)
thats all..

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yet for hope

sometimes I feels like giving up in my life. For everything that I've tried hard enough, for all the effort I've put in, everything seems senseless and useless. Everyday I'd pray for success and for my happiness..but it just won't do enough...I really am tired and sick for being the one who bear this pain on my own..but eventually I got my friends to hang on to..They're all very supportive and caring. I'd be damned if I ever lost them....

yesterday she lost her phone and I still don't do much to help her. I've come to her place to show how I really care about her but still I didn't have a chance to met her and say that I really care about her..but i do know that she's alright now.

I want to show her how much I care about her, how much I need her, how much I love her and how much she meant in my life...that day will come and when that happened I won't let her go ever....

thats all..

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incoming sadness

I don't know if it is something to worry about or not. I try so hard to endure my feeling towards her and be supportive even if it takes lot of pain. but still I can't get hold of her. Every time I msg her I got it reply late. Every time I want to talk to her she avoid me. And I really scared that she might be with another guy because I'm too slow to get her..

Every time I see her with other guy I gone speechless. The only thing I could do is stay by her side not saying one word. I really hate myself for being too shy and let my chance flew away..I still hope there is some place for me inside her heart that will change evrything that happened now..

I'm too tired of pretending to be supportive when I'm the one who suffer the most. Once she said she had to suffer here alone but I won't let that happened to her..if anything I can do for her right now, I'll do it for her..even if it takes thousand of miles and years for me to do it..

I got to get strong if I want to be supportive to her..if I give up now how can she bear me her heart..I still love her forever even if she with someone else..that is my last word..

thats all..

up and down

one day and one week feel the same when your love still hasn't bloom yet.its just another day dreaming about how love would spread and itself will last to the end..
once i heard someone said,"love don't have happy ending because love itself never ends.."

after this its only about me and how i'm going to get her...how i'm suppose to change myself to be more attractive and funnier...how to make myself more aware about changing around her...and how i'm going to get use to be around her, talk with her, laugh with her, have fun with her, and be in love with her forever...

thats all..

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