Its gonna be a very long chase

"awak dah tengok citer Xmen first class?"
"haa..saya kat Sun ni..nak tak tengok malam ni?"
"eh..takpe la awak..takpe. Lagi pun esok saya ada tutor.."
"oo..ok..saya ingat nk ajak awak keluar sebab awak asyik berkurung je dalam bilik hari ni.."
"haha..masuk ni dah lima kali awak cakap takpe.."
"ye ke..hihi..takpe. saya okay je.."
"kalau esok cmne?"
"esok saya tak boleh la awak..saya nak pergi rumah kawan saya.."
"ooooooo......hurm....klau esok nye lak..hehe..takde lah...nanti awak cakap takpe je nanti..haha."
"ermm...sorry...awak marah saya ke?"
"eh, taklah..takpe pon..saya ingat awak tak berapa nak okay je sehari dua nih..tu yang nak ajak awak keluar skit.."
"hurm..ada la skit tak okay..tapi dah okay dah sekarang.."
"saya nak sangat jumpa awak"
"ermm..susah la awak..cmne ek nak cakap.."
"hurm..awak kenal *tuutt* kn? Ala, budak *tuutt* panggil dia *tuutt*.."
"haa..ingat-ingat.." (tak berapa nak fun bila dia mention nama laki lain)
"Semalam la..dia kontek saya..macam mane nak cakap ek..hurm.."
"dia kan.....98&()*&"
"haa? xdengar.."
"erm..takper lah.."
"err..takpelah..awak takyah citer pon..sorry, saya macam push awak lak.."
"its okay. saya faham..awak tak payah citer lagi.."
"hurm..apa yang awak faham?.."
"erm..let just stay with saya faham je, ok? eh saya ada beli tokiyaki utk awak ni..awak nak tak?"
"eh takpela..awak makan la..awak kan nk jadi gemuk..hihi."
"bukan gemuk la..nak jadi tough.."


And like that, again, she resent me. I kinda got her story patched. In short, her ex called her a night before and she had a confusing feeling as she recall her times with him. She skipped classes today and stayed home the whole day. I called her just to check up on her. She kept telling me she's okay though. And that boy she mention, is one of my friend from my old school. Damn, I hate it when the past kept messing up the present.

I guess its gonna be awhile before she gets in the mood again. *huff*

thats all..

My paper heart

"Apa yang boleh kita buat nak pujuk girl yg tengah sedih pasal kisah lama dia? Dia tau yg dia dah tak bersama dengan ex dia dan dia nk let go tapi macam susah. How? Boleh ke nak paksa dia keluar? Dari biar dia terperap dalam bilik layan feeling tertonggeng-tonggeng..Or patut ke pergi je rumah dia bila-bila masa pastu kidnap dia pergi makan, sembang-sembang ke?
Last time aku salah ayat masa pujuk girl.  Langsung dia tak nak jumpa dah lepas tu. So kali ni tak nak salah cakap lagi. :("

Last thing I remember was holding her hand while we watched "Earth stood still". But our loves never did. I can never reach her game level. Its what I learn about life.

thats all..

Persuade (teach me how..)

"..saya nak kenal awak lebih dalam lagi.."
"..klau macam tu, awak kena tau yang saya TAK NAK rapat dengan laki2!"
"...okay..itu permulaan yang baik. Saya tau apa yang awak TAK NAK sekarang..tapi kenapa dengan laki2?"
"Entah! saya malas nak fikir. Sakit hati je."
"..jadi awak TAK NAK rapat dengan laki2 sebab awak takut awak akan sakit lagi.."
"Ye la! lelaki semua sama je..huh!"
"Okay..saya dah tau apa yang awak TAK NAK..awak nak tau tak apa yang saya tak nak pulak? Saya TAK NAK tengok awak bersedih dan saya TAK NAK tengok awak kecewa lagi..sebab itu saya NAK jadi pengubat hati awak..saya NAK jadi penyeri hidup awak.."
"Awak boleh bagitau saya apa yang awak NAK bila awak mau..saya akan tunggu awak.."


I'm not a sweet talker. And I'm not good at putting words together. I can't tell you what you want to hear. But I promise you I will always be there when you need me..

thats all..

Pesan ibu

"Belajar sungguh-sungguh. Jangan tinggal solat. Jangan lupa doa." Pesan ibu yang pasti terucap setiap kali telefon. Anak yang jauh diperantauanlah yang paling dia risaukan. Dah 5 tahun duduk jauh dengan parent. Balik kampung bila ada cuti panjang dan masa cuti raya je . Boleh kiralah berapa kali je balik Malaysia. Habis je study, ingat nak duduk dengan ibu sebulan dua dulu sebelum start kerja. Dah kerja nanti tak tau lagi kena posting mana. Kalau jauh ke Sabah Sarawak kan lagi susah nak balik. Entah bila lagi nak berbakti pada parent.

And of course I want them to be there to see me success, to see me happy, getting married to a wonderful girl, having kids, buying a new car, moving to a new house. I want to make them proud for having me, for raising me, for teaching me about life. I know its not money that matters to them because they already have it more than enough to raise us 10 siblings. Knowing that we grow up well and happy already put a smile on their face. Oh, I miss them so  much.(T-T)

thats all..

Internet is so fun

Perut meragam gila malam ni. Nak tidur pun tak selesa. Pusing sana pusing sini. Tekan tekan sikit perut dengan harapan sakit boleh hilang. Tapi tak pun. Alahai, apa kes? Salah makan ke tadi? Maybe masuk angin sebab dinner lambat sangat kot tadi. Duduk jap menghadap laptop sambil layan feeling (dan perut yg sakit). Baca pasal bola, pasal F1. Then jumpa benda ni..sweet~

In real life, an old couple’s love is the closest thing you can compare to the ”happily ever after” you’ve been dreaming of since you were a kid. It’s amazing that once in a while, you get to witness a kind of love that have stood the test of time. And you could only wish, that someday, you too, would be just like them. Old, still in love & happy. I hope I could have that with my someone. :)

thats all..

What is defining?

Malam terlalu singkat bila lena yang mengiringi terbit fajar. Apatah lagi bila tiada mimpi yang bertandang. Mungkin lelah, penat terlalu memaksa tidur sehingga tidak terasa nikmatnya lelap. Tapi masih lagi tertanya-tanya, entah bilakah nikmat tidur itu terasa? Sebelum tidurkah? Semasa tidurkah?atau setelah tidurkah?

Stupid conversations make sense when you are talking to some one special.

Find a love as great as this. :3

thats all..

Apa aku buat lepas main futsal?

Baru balik dari main futsal. Duduk depan kipas pakai towel je sebab nyamuk banyak dan nk bagi peluh kering cepat. Tepuk sana tepuk sini halau nyamuk. Cek status orang kat facebook. Tengok ada tak gadis-gadis comel yang online. Si dia pun xde. da tido kot. Perut masih kenyang makan kat rumah Peik Chin tadi. No pork okay. Tengok tepi kipas ada gitar. Rase macam nak melalak tapi dah malam. Ada aku kesah? Amik je gitar terus strumming satu lagu. Somewhere only we know by Keane.

"I walk across an empty land, I knew the pathway like the back of my hand,
I felt the earth beneath my feet, sat by the river and it make me complete.
Oh simple thing where have you gone, I'm getting old and I need some one to rely on,
So tell me when you're gonna let me in, I'm getting tired and I need some where to begin"

Nyanyi sampai penat. Tepuk sana tepuk sini lagi halau nyamuk. Nampak bilik air kosong. Nak mandilah. Keluar pergi dapur jap minum air.

thats all..

Anual event

For each year, I usually goes head over heels for a girl. One girl for each year. This year is the same. BUT the difference is that I felt for her after Eid. Back then, It was Fasting month, when cupid throw an arrow to me. Its a different situation and I just have work hard like before to maintain the spark that lit.

It is a wonderful feeling I have right now. But losing it will destroy part of my heart more. Thats why I'll keep on chasing until there is no space to run anymore.

thats all..

First meeting

"Terus hilang confident bila jumpa dia. Kenapa la dia ni lawa sangat. Macam tak  layak sangat aku dengan dia. OMG~! Kenapa la aku leh terfikir nak kat dia? Lawa sangat kot dia ni. Macam Beauty and the beast. Ohh tidak..dia terlalu sempurna untuk aku. Damn~!"

As I am right now, I guess I won't go after her anymore.

thats all..

A birthday gift

"What's important to you, may not be important to anyone else. If you want something done, do it yourself."

When I decided to give her a birthday present, I want it to be cool but not too strong. Shows that I care but not too pushy. So I decided to made her a card. I put a little effort so she will know that I do want her and a hand made card is a simple gift to start with.

Gonna give her later..I'm hoping to meet her today! :)

thats all..

untie-ing the bind

I don't wanna be your corner stone, where you sees me as mark to take a turn but never stop. I had all inside me wanting to be with you but that just left me another miles away from you. If you ask me, the answer will always be yes. Because you made my life different every time I'm with you..

"saat aku mulai berhenti berharap, kau hadir..."

thats all..

I have a crush

Weet weet~
Right now I'm officially seeing this girl. My junior in high school. Though I still haven't met her eyes to eyes, it feels like we have known each other so much. We only chat online and on the phone. It has been a week and everything going well. I haven't decide my heart yet but this time I'm gonna go with the flow.

A few things about her I like to share...

She is a genius girl with tremendous result in every exam. She got 11 A's in SPM, above 3 CGPA in PASUM and got an offer to do Medical in Jordan which she turned down.  7th from eight sibling and live in Klang. She's not a fan of green color but she loves nature. Cat is her favorite pet. She sleeps late every night but get up early. She cooks atleast a meal a day. She has a tiny voice that song a beautiful melody to my ears. She's not a type that goes out with any boys because she comes from a religious background. What she had in mind, she do it with all effort. She is one heck of a girl.

thats all..

project runaway

I got in mind a little surprise for upcoming birthday. Because I'm capable of editing video, singing, acting and arts, I got an idea how to make a wonderful birthday present.

It consist of me singing, then a little hand made card, a few lines of poem, and video of me. :)

Now, where to start??

thats all..

Hati bunga

Kemana kau selama ini.
Bidadari yang ku cari.
Mengapa baru sekarang kita dipertemukan.

thats all..

Life comes and go

This morning we all had witnessed the farewell bid Hitam away. A moment of regret and sad filled our time. Hitam passed away in horrific fall from highest stair in the house. I put a video and pictures together as a memoir as a remembrance of our time well spent.

Afternoon came and we went to a wedding. A ceremony that marks a start of the new beginning. Its served with delicious foods and beverages. Everyone smiles and capturing every moment of happiness in their eyes. Dr Putri, Congratulation on the new bond and family members. I wish you the best in life and happily ever after.

thats all..

I didn't know at all

Of all the thing that I held onto, I never realize a simple thing like "hello" could turn everything around. I was on the verge of falling and there she stands looking invitingly with a hope that I'd take a leap to her. I did.

#dearYOU I love it how I can be having the worst day then you make it better by just saying "Hello" #DamnItsTrue

thats all..

Raya 2011

What is raya without family?

Got so many food to eat.

Visiting relatives all around.

Driving around.

I <3 My family

thats all..