what goes around comes around

"I had been a bad boy to my parent when I was kid. I guess it all comes back to me now. I can't totally understand a child but yet they always get ways to annoy me. Why children? Why?
I want to be cool again. Just being me. Not a jerk."

thats all..

When I get older

I saw so many wrong things and definitely I am still doing most of it. I had a problem with girls. I can't resist them. Especially the pretty one. God knows how far I would go just to get their attention. The only thing that stop me is reminding myself where I stand, my family and my empty pocket. n_n

thats all..

Say Rochie Torres III

"Age should not be a barrier to happiness."

thats all..

Says Rochie Torres II

"What is love? Don’t ask a person who loves someone. Ask a person who has lost someone"

thats all..

My camera is broken

Something wrong with my camera. The lens cannot auto focus anymore. The lid went missing. And now I hadn't had any pictures taken even though everyday was bright and clear. When did this happened?

I should replace my lens as soon as possible. Knowing my camera broke down had me banging my head against the wall. I love that camera so much.. Shit like this makes me wanna scream..Arghhh~!

Oh God, please help me..

thats all..

Its a long wait

Finally, we had won the FKG Futsal Tournament. Wow! What a win it was. For five years we have been trying to win this competition and not a single year we reach the final. Now its finally paid off.

*I feels like crying when the final whistle was blown. My knees shaking  and my heart trembling. Is this real? We really win? OMG! I almost can't believe my self. I can't stop smiling the whole day. This feeling is so wonderful.*

My team wore a record: Unbeaten, Top scorer...and Champion~!!!

The best Defender~!! So self-claiming, rite?? haha

Is this the end of the road? Will we play again in tournament? Should we?

thats all..

Its you to me

Its late night and I haven't feel sleepy at all. If I didn't sleep now, tomorrow will be one heck exhausting day. I tried closing my eyes and hoping I would sail into dream world soon. Some minutes passes but I can still feel my body lying on the bed. Maybe I'm thinking too much that my soul can't take off to dream world perhaps?


"What do you think of me? What do you think of us? Do you like chocolates? Have you read the novel I gave you? I like it when you smile. Have you loss some weight? Do you still teach night class? You know you send me chills every time our hands meet. You do like long hair didn't you? How is your laptop? We haven't chat for some times are we? Do you like surprises? Because I got so much to give in my head. I like your eyes. I can see the color breaming wonderfully. What your favourite color? I remember our first goodbye-day you dresses up beautifully. You wear black skirts and white shirts while I'm all black. You look gorgeous as princess would be. We took pictures together, laugh some more and when its time to go home, you wave me goodbye. But thats not our last goodbye. We met again later and the day after that. Do you think we can be together? Do you afraid of the future? I do too. But I know we can make it works. I wish I can see you more often."


thats all..

Things where they belong

I hadn't had many novels in past few years. When I head home last week I got myself a novel. Its author happen to be a British guy who lives in Malaysia. He made a wonderful yet simple story of loves. I heart this story and it gives me a more view of life. Now I know what to tell girls when they're sad. Reading is learning.

I made a gift for Yumi also. A novel it is. But I haven't had a chance to give her. Maybe tomorrow is the day.

thats all..

Don't need to fight

"Ada dalam minggu ni je dah 5 kali main futsal..Setiap petang..sampai dah penat kejar bola dah..tapi kena bertahan sikit lagi sebab dah nak dapat gelaran juara..dah boleh nampak dah bayang2 nak angkat piala dah ni..Kena berlatih sepak bola biar accurate skit lps ni..nak dapat feeling passing macam dolu2.."

I had this feeling that I didn't call my parent like I usually does. When I was in first year, I called home like two times a week or at least once a week. Now I feels like I didn't have time to call them. Why? I can't answer it myself. I promise I'll call them tonight!

thats all..

Lost again

"Ni memang malang tahap ayam dah ni. Dah la pasien orto tak datang. Skeler Din lak tak tau letak mane. Hadeih. Asal la tym skang ni baru nak jadi macam2..Pasien kasus satu pun takde lagi..Nasib baik paper dah jalan..Tapi DPH lak sangkut..Oh~! Apakah?!!"

Tolong la jumpe balik skeler tu....:(

thats all..

My brother's Wedding

The day my brother looks forward the most is his wedding day. The preparation take months. And even on the very last day, we haven't done arrange and decorate the whole house. But the ceremony went well.

"Majlis pertama dibuat di rumah pengantin perempuan. Ini lah pertama kali aku tengok kakak ipar aku. Bila dia pakai mekap nampak lawa. Pandai abang aku pilih kakak untuk kitorang. Cantik. Dan hari ni jugak aku kena jadi pengapit abang aku sebab yang paling stylo mmg aku sorang je. Haha. Nak jadi cerita, pengapit perempuan pun leh tahan jugak rupanya. Amboih. Tak nak kalah cantik dengan kakak dia."

"The next day, we had the ceremony in our house. Everything was well and okay. Everyone help out so much. I hope my wedding would be like this or better."

thats all..

Says Rochie Torres

"In every girls life there is a boy she can never forget, and in every boys life there is a girl he can never get."

I wish I am in someone's life.

thats all..

Nothing but Everything

"Hari ni rasa macam loser gle. Pasien datang kejap je pastu tak leh nak proceed sebab still dalam fase penyembuhan dari operasi odontektomi kelmarin. So datang camtu je lah. Ingat nak tunggu pasien klinik, sekali sorang pun tak nampak muka. Last-last dalam pukul 12 tu ada la mamat sorang nih dihantar dari Bagian Bedah Mulut sebab katanya ada kasus pilihan Traumatik Oklusi. But then bile nak lapor masuk pasien je, doktor jaga cakap dah tak boleh sebab pukul 12. Hampeh. Terpaksa la minta maaf dengan pasien dan hantar dia keluar klinik.

So its like I've done nothing. Nothing.

Tapi bila ada mereka yang happy-mepi kat situ, tak terasa sangat nak mengeluh kesah segala. Lagi-lagi bila dapat kacau Yumi. Fun gle rasa. Gelak-gelak sikit pastu sakat Yumi. Tulis nama dia dalam laporan as assisstant and I put ♥  kat nama dia. She's blushing all over her face. Its so funny.

So I feels like I have everything. Everything.

thats all..

Que sera sera~

I thought yesterday gonna end badly, but things changed. My patient didn't come as she promise because she didn't have anyone to take her to the clinic. I was a bit down. But things turn out well after that.

There is a requirement for me to be assistant in surgery before operating one. I had one  yesterday. And what I'm really happy with it is that I assisted Yumi and Steff. My oh my. Its brighten up my days a lot!

thats all..