Mum and me

My mum called me yesterday...
because I've been busy lately, I always forgot to call my mum. So she rang me yesterday to asked about me.
I told her that I've been busy and eventually forgot to call her. Her tone changed.
She asked about my result and of course its not a best thing to tell her. But I have to.
She became mad when she know about my result. It is my first time since I studied here that she ever mad at me. Before this she only say words of encouragement and push me to work harder.

Down gle ble kene mara dgn mum...nk nangis pun ade..dah la letih, penat wat keje dgn lab lagi..kene mara pulak tu..uhuuuue..

Mr. Hactic in the making

Got so much work to do..
If only I could manage my schedule right, I won't regret anything even if I don't get any sleep..

How come I got to do SO many works??

I had had many works...

[ as Bendahari PMUSU ]
[ as Ajk Persembahan Dinner PMUSU ]
[ as artist, ABU Band..(!!!) ]
[ as Dental Student ]
[ as Exco Inovasi PKPMI pusat ]
[ as anak soleh...(???) ]
[ as hamba Allah ]

so, cmne la x sbuk kn..adeih.
thats all..

Bunkface - situasi

Diskriminasi menjatuhkan aku
Reputasi kini menjadi bisu
Dan aku, ku layu

Mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru
Itulah impian aku

Dan bila kau menghilang
Musnah la, musnah impian
Tuk menggapai bintang
Terangi hidup ku
Ku mahu kau tahu
Engkaulah, destinasiku
Dalam ingatanku... oh oh oh...

Kerana diri ini tak daya lagi
Menempuh hidup yang ku temui
Dan aku, ku tunggu... oh oh oh

Mengharapkan sesuatu yang baru
Itulah impian aku

Making the band

Trying to make something out of my dream..

Maybe it takes sometime to make a GREAT band..but it worth a try.

I kept saying to make a band since 2nd Year. Only now its been realized..Its awfully long waiting..

Just hope everything gonna be alright..

thats all...


I got stuck in doing some works..

Have to do it anyway coz they are all in my hand..
I would do them all coz I am a responsible person...

Rehab out of her

Still not doing very well..

It feels like time moving too slow for me..
I'm acting tough when I'm too fragile...

Skin wear off!!

Akibat berjemur terlalu lame...
Skg ni dah truk gle dah badan aku..huuuee..
Hodoh btol rupe nye skg..
terkelupas sane...terkelupas sini...ble la nk baik nih...

Lab yg memenatkan...
Dah stat lab dah..huuue..
Kene kuatkan mental dan fizikal...

thats all...


smorg pn dah balik sini...

so klas akan stat xlame lagi..sbnr nye esok dah stat dah..huhu..
adoi...stat sibukk...sibukk..sibukkk...

Story of my life..
Sape nk taw psl what happen recently harap jgn kecewa...
Aku xnk cite dah...sbb aku dah pun nk lupekn...(still fressh maa)
Tapi mane la taw tetibe aku rase nk cite ke..huhu

thats all...

feeling empty

There's a hole in me...

"Ble xwat pape, baru la terasa mcm de bende hilang.."
Tapi skg dah stat sibuk dah..xde mase nk piki bende ntah pape nih...
Lepas ni de BIG SUPRISE utk smorg..huhu

Special appearance from:





bukit lawang another story

I just wanna say thanks to everyone

==> MIRA, Hajar, Hanis, Amir, Adi, and even Uda:::

"Sebab diorang dah banyak melayan kerenah aku yang ntah pape ntah...
pastu diorg x merajuk dgn aku klu aku ter over mengada2...
aku mmg byk sgt merepek bende2 bodo dan especially on the way balik
aku rase mcm aku dah terlalu agitated dgn kelaparan...
but still diorg tetap layan aku walaupun masing2 tgh menahan sejuk tahap gle nye..

THANKS!!! =)

Bukit Lawang not for me

I've made a trip to Bukit Lawang yesterday. We went by 7 and arrive by 10. 5 boys and 7 girls..For me its one heck trip...its ripped my heart apart...


"Aku xsuke la org hipokrit nie...cakap dgn aku xnk de pape la sgt...B*lls**t!!! terpakse la aku belakon mcm tgh enjoy la konon..meracau sane..meracau sini macam orang gle je..orang utan tgk aku pun mesti rase nk pukul aku je..its sucks,man!"


Another start

"Then you reason with me like any philosopher, and to reason with me is accessible;
then you look at me with eyes of love, and by love I can be infallibly subjugated.."

I wish I could say this right.
It is hard to let go of something precious and usually we won't. but sometimes letting it go just the right thing to do. We should start it all over again. This time I'm sure it'll be better. No more stupid mistakes and no more crying. I swear.

Helping myself to be useful.
Every time I try to be a good person, I end up doing wrong things. Its all start with some stupid mistake - really stupid - and I can't help myself to stumble upon it. Then I'll fall deeper into misery and finally found myself being useless. It happens for so many times. Maybe another start will help me being useful.

thats all..

i'll wait

my heart still unchanged...
its tough pretending to be tough..
Guess I just have to endure it..
don't know for how long...

thats all...

Its over..I guess

Man, I swear I can't forget her..she don't belong to anyone yet..
Smua salah aku sbb xpandai nk wat ayat ble bercakap...Maybe ade sumthing kat diri aku ni yang xkene...knape mesti jadi mcm dulu...
Maybe ni dah takdir aku kot...

pe patut aku ckp kat sini??
::aku still akan tggu die.. or
::biarlah tuhan hantar pengganti dirinya..

aku xtau nk ckp pe..huuu..

Leaning in modesty

If anyone ask me about my status, I would say 'Nothing tie us. Just love.'
I really like to say something about this line, but I guess I just have to wait another year. Let just say we need more time to work out some of inner side problem. When everything prepared and ready, I say, cupid will show its enchanted plan - as always..

Lately, I've been busy driving my mum to work, my sis to school and sometimes my brother to some place. Being driver really take a lot out of me. I had to drive the whole day. Sometimes I drove for more than 100 miles and I really think I've went far than that. But it helps me killing some times here. Atleast, I know I able to drive until now...

Balik Medan 8hb nnt..kene wat plan balik stat ari ni...balik nk reg..pastu nk siap kn kemas futsal..makan paim..bayar bil air api tenet...huuuu...xtau nk watpe lg dah..

thats all..