Eid Adha in Medan

Its not the best Raya oversea, but sometimes its just worth all the hardwork. Eid Adha is a celebration for us to know the meaning of sacrifice. Each one of us have made sacrifices either it was a small thing or in a bigger part. Its just the way we appreciate and getting appreciated.

In a way, we all know that one guy just can't make this world better but sure it helps to be helpful.

So for today celebration we did not do anything fancy because we're not really have that feeling like when we're at home. Whole day was spent sitting on a couch watching television and eat.

But atleast I cooked for dinner and invite some of friends over. We ended up watching television together. LOL

All wells that ends well...^^

thats all..

Work to be done

I have some works that due this week. More to come yet exam are nearer. I suppose to finish my skripsi proposal right now. But I'm kinda take some time off to fresh up my head. It so stiff up there.

Hey Mr Brain, I need you to do extra work tonight. So please don't pass out just yet..=)

  • Proposal Skripsi (due tomorrow!!)
  • Tugas proposal Metopel (due Wednesday)
  • Makalah Etika (due Wednesday)
  • Makalah PI (due Thursday)
See?! thats how much work I've got. There are sure gonna be lot of typing  this whole week...Oh,man..

thats all...

Rainy night

Since yesterday we've been planning to go out tonight and have all-you-can-eat pizza at Paparon. But the plan halt because it was raining. For some time I've waited and yet my stomach growled louder. I just can't wait any longer, so I rushed trough rain and pick up fara. We end up at Pizza hut by four of us. Me, fara, yin and jijah.

We ordered so many but never got to finish all. So we wrapped the left over and bring it home for later.

Though its still pizza but with less people there's something missing. Sure it was fun but it might be better if there were more people at the table than four of us. Next time we should have plan B or plan C as backups.

thats all..

Doubt till the end

Apakah sempat aku habis kan skripsi aku sebelum bulan 12 abis?

Kalau dosen aku asyik lambat je, aku rasa memang la tak siap-siap.

Exam dah dekat dah oii...kalau nak kira nota tu dah memang berlambak dah. Dah la kelas asyik ponteng jek. Tak tau dah apa yang keluar soalan exam nanti. Nak kena harap kan past year nye soalan je lah kot.


Paper untuk exam nanti:
  • Ilmu sosial dasar
  • Anaestethic
  • Bedah Umum
  • Penulisan Ilmiah
  • Metode Penelitian
  • Etika kedokteran
  • Farmakologi 2
thats all..

Big big guy

Disebabkan asyik berjimat je sebulan nih, aku dah makin kurus balik. Aku tak berani nak timbang berat sebab aku tau takkan sampai 60kg. Sekarang ni memang kena ikat perut sikit. Asalkan tak tergendala kerja aku disebabkan takde kewangan.

Exam sebenarnya dah dekat dah, tapi masing-masing sibuk lagi dengan skripsi yang tak tahu sempat siap tak. Semua orang pun nak rush cepat-cepat. Termasuklah aku jugak.

Ada satu benda lagi yang aku perasan. Asal aku rapat sikit je dengan orang, mula la orang tu jauhkan diri. Alasan dia sebab nanti orang sangka lain-lain. HAHA. Actually orang tu pikir nanti ada spark la konon. Never cross my mind skit pun! Pastu aku akan direject dalam segala hal untuk menunjukkan yang dia tak rapat dengan aku dah. Dan cara dia buat tu sangat obvious sampai orang ingat aku gaduh dengan dia. Haa..kan dah tambah masalah lagi...

Satu lagi masalah sekarang adalah aku suka main game balik dah. Asyik melekat je kat depan laptop nih. Hampeh tol..Exam la weh!!!

thats all...

Damn you skripsi!!

Oh man!
What happen??

Why so suddenly half of my "tinjauan pustaka",it have to be canceled?
And to replace it I have to find other references from textbook AND IN ENGLISH???
it means I have to translate it over night!!

Oh man!

My brain freeze all of sudden. Please give me some strength...Oh..*sigh*

haih..come on now..lets get moving..=(

thats all...

A day of Holiday

Today I'm free from early morning till late night. So instead of being busy-and-hactic, I comfort myself. Half day was spent on the bed. Had a good sleep. Then I woke up and have some lunch.

Evening sees me sweating from work out. Yeah baby. I'm working my muscle and eventually I'll be fit in a month. Hehe..

thats all..

Happy working

I slept early last night and end up waking before dawn. Watched football match until sunrise and took breakfast. For a moment, I thought myself like a rooster. Just that I'm not pecking on food and I have bigger brain. LOL =)

This field not gonna plugged itself you know..
Even if effort is needed to gain something, I'm a bit lazy today. I don't feel like doing any work right now. But surely things got worse when I keep delaying my works. It can get worse right??

thats all..

Aquarium and Bike..CHECK!!

I had my aquarium cleaned today. Its sure was a hard work. Piled water into it and take out water again. But once it is done, its just so beautiful. It pays to clean it up. =)

After that I went to service my bike. Though its not my bike there in the picture, but mine is just the same brand,Bajaj. Weird eh..the name. The bike was originally from India. Its really save on fuel. And later, I just watch tv and went out to fill my stomach~

thats all..

Am I a bad guy?

Since I started my study in Medan, I got myself into stair of changes. Every step changed me into something. Sometimes I liked it and sometimes its just not worth the change. Up until now I kept questioning myself, How much did I changed?

thats all..

Caughting the light

I went to a great length to have a good night sleep. But it just won't turn the way I wanted it to be. Then I'll be up until 2 am or 3 am. Its hurting my eyes and my brain.
I looked out from my window. There I see a beautiful dawn. I flipped my eyes for some time.
Its getting brighter and brighter each time I try to close my eyes. It was so dark when I just lying there. Where the hell did the light comes from??

thats all..

Some Quotes

"Gravitation can not be held responsible for people falling in love." -Albert Einstein

"Love is a mutual self-giving which ends in self-recovery."
Fulton J. Sheen

thats all..