I wanna drive..

As I'm watching tv this morning, I just had in me a new interest. I want to fly a helicopter.
Maybe it sounds weird, but in this age, anything can happen. I mean, disaster. When everything around you is unreachable by flight, chopter is best solution. It is fast and it can reach anywhere when help is needed.

That's why I'll learn to fly one some day. I hope so. :)

Right now the best thing to do is focusing on my course as a dentistry student. It won't be long till that day.

thats all...

Fake graduation?? wth??

Something wrong here. I'm still undergraduate. But why am I graduating? LOL

Actually I'm replacing my fren place for that ceremony. It shouldn't happened that way but who care.

Its quite embarrasing at first because there a lot of people who knows me. The hall was hot and everyone keep waving fan to cool down. A lot of sitting and standing happen there. And not forgetting the singing in between.

The only picture I take. (itu pun lepas kena paksa amik..hadoi~)

After that we went lunch with Imran's dad. Then we went home and have a nice sleep. Yeau~

thats all...

Seeing double

I somehow seeing some of my friend face kinda like celebrities.
Is it true that they look alike??

1) Sarah Mohamad vs Eva Longoria

2) Liyana Jasmin vs Cat Deeley

3) Farah Aimi vs Taylor Swift

4) Farhana vs Kate Winslat

Okay. Its not totally same but kinda reminds me of them when I see these celebrities.

But who am I look like??
Some say Fahrin and some say Nabil.

I guess its up to them. LOL

thats all..

On the motobike

As I was riding my motorbike today, I saw so many intereting thing. I thought I might wanna share it here.

Location: Jl Amal (the exit road from my house)
1) I saw an old lady walking home from the grocer
2) A teenage girl wearing skirt and she shows her fair leg =p

Location: Jl Dr Mansur (road to my campus)
1) I saw a nice bag strapping on one biker shoulder
2) I thought Mio Soul kinda attractive from the back

Location: Campus
1) I saw reflection of myself from the clinic windows
2) A little girl carrying a bread while chasing a boy
3) Mdnor and Che Pah doing their work at Prostho

Location: Bajaj Service center
1) A program on television where people guessing lyrics
2) Bussiness column in the news paper..LOL (what is current rate anyway?)
3) A very beautiful school building (prettiest in Medan I think) as I walked to nearest ATM to cash out some money.

Location: Jl Perwira (the road where my house located)
1) I saw some little girl playing 'masak-masak' (cooking). Its remind me of my sis.
2) Someone hanging undergarment on the fence and looks like a step. Black on the top, brown in the middle and pink at the bottom.

And atlast I arrive home safely.
I wish I can take picture sometimes.

thats all..

Looking back

My friend just posting some of old photo with me in it. Just wanna share it with every one.

This picture is when I was in form 3. I don't have a clue why did I stand a bit far. LOL
And below was a second pic that day. I was the only one with big smile. hihi

This is when we performing song "Hitam Manis" for our headmaster. Crappy at the end. Just enjoying ourselves.LOL

I can't remember who snapped this picture but it sure take me back to those days. 

Its funny when I look back then and now, I realize everyone changed so much. A cute little boy I was, now I am a grown man (23 years old!!). What have I done ALL these years? It seems like time flies so fast.

Well, I just need to keep forward and become more mature as my age has been. :)

This is my friend that post the picture. I picked a picture of her when she was little and another picture as she is now.

So innocent and cute :) Now she as lovely as princess ♥

I sleep late again tonight. My biological clock already broken. But I might wanna close my eyes now ☺
Good night~

thats all...

Kalihanagumandi Nahamuniali!!

LOL ^^

I've changed my name in facebook to this Kalihanagumandi Nahamuniali (,^^)

Its a tongue-twist name. This name just popped up from my head and its really hard to remember it.

kinda like Indian name or Bushman maybe. hehe..like it though.

My profile pic..i guess not anyone will realize its me that easily..LOL

thats all..

Almost there..

What really tired me some time were that subjects that I have to repeat for another time..there is one though that will be my third time..

I put everything on the line but yet its still far from reaching...I almost done with theory part, but luck just not by my side..adding another year seems like hell..

I need some motivation quick..where can I find some??

Who is this girl?? I found this in my harddisk..hurm..

What now?

thats all...???

A day after new year

Its freezing in the morning and we all on our motorbike, travelling to Pantai Cermin. The chill almost shivered me to the bone. Its 4 o'clock before dawn.

We arrived there before sunrise and we were very lucky because there aren't many people yet so we can chose our gazebo at the nice spot. After setting our place, its time to fill our stomach. Charcoal was lid and the chickens was roasted. Then came the oysters and crabs..lot of crabs...LOL



Then we take awalk along the beach and part of the sea where the water was low...

hehe..trying to ashore a boat..
a turtle made by me..hihi..looks real enough..LOL

And there's a fine scenery that always there to capture our eyes and heart..


After a long day at the beach, we all went home exhausted..it was really nice trip. Hope we can make another one like this one more time.

p/s: I lost count how much crab I've had...hihi..its a heaven for crabs lover for sure..

thats all..