Its moving

They say a thousand steps start with a first step.

I'd called her but didn't know what to talk about...
Out of idea as always...

But i kinda know what type of girl she is..or I hope I'm right..
I don't want her to be like she - someone from my past - ...

I don't want to be haunt by anything from the past. What have been left behind stays behind...

thats all...

she knocks the door

Its so unbelievable and unpredictable. I almost drown because of the emotional pressure all around me. My heart just can't figure out what it is yet.

"Kau hadir tika ku duka,
dalam cahaya dikau menjelma,
kau hilang dalam gembira,
membuatkan ku terluka..."
- Jinbara (Farhana)

Is this the time for a new beginning? Or is this just another game of tag?

Will it end like last one? Or will it stays forever?

No one knows.

thats all..

the world is crashing down

How is the politic nowadays? Still the same I say. One person says bad about others and then his opposition talk about his bad things back. Its all about getting the position for highest rank.

Too much talk about politics and you'll forget about other important things -muchmoreimportannt! - that have been a major problem for our country. Raise in fuel price, poverty and jobless citizens, education standards, unpermitted foreign workers, electricity waste, child abuse, moral issues, crimes every where and so much more. They will know how hard it is to write it down if they really care about this country.

Talking about sodomy, murder, bribes....its all bullshiters that done that. They all just pretend to show angelpetitgoodkindcaringconcern face anywhere they go. Just get them to jail and get it quick. I'm tired of all these nonsense about politics today.

Aren't there anyone more cleaner to run our country??

thats all...

so busy i guess

Are there any people out there who done nothing but sleeping and eating?

I just wish I can be like them...

When we talk about busy, I mean really really busy, I never imagined I am part of it. Though its tiring but its only for my education. If its about co-edu, I didn't have to hesitate to put it aside for awhile.

There also people with some talent but they misused it for their own goods. I hate this kind of people. Using one's weakness to gain profit for their own.

"Don't be too close to him. He might harm you spritually(using magic I guess) and then all you can say is, yes of course, this is one million you asked for. I'd fall for it once, I just hope you didn't be the same as me. Just know when to back off and stay away."
- Nina, concern friends....

I know there are people like this, but I never thought i'd met them and have to work with them. I really hope God will help me before he done anything to me..

thats all..

before its too late

I had tried fasting a day and two. its still a bit hard at first. but i hope that its get better in time. Fasting month just a couple month from now. If i'm not really get used to it, i think its gonna be really difficult later on.
I am really satisfied with my new bike. It turned up to be quite amazing how i got it in first place. but now I am happy with the decision i made though i know it was a guidance from Above. Every morning i would clean it with a wet towel -like bathing a baby- and rub away dust and dirt. so far i only washed it once and its all because it gets dirty from the rain.
i'm not much a talking guy right now. i don't know whats in my mind. Please have some chat ubai. You're making your friends wondering.Its like you had some really big problems. just hoping that i can get more lively than before.
thats all...

Stuck with the wind

Today is the first day of classes for this semester. I woke up early but i still feel so sleepy. not much happen in campus. just meeting old friends and having chats. then we had dinner together at pizza hut.
i bought a new bike - Bajaj- a blue bike. it looks nice and comfortable. it so fuel-saving that i almost wasting most of my time on it travelling around from places to another. the price also reasonable for me. i hope i can take care of it until i graduate.
I still got works not done from this web. so much to do and so much demand. sometime i got scraped off from it.
thats all...