something not quite right

According to mag,this is the right time to spread love.but still i don't have gut to spill it out.why is it so hard to say love when there already love in your heart? i try so much to make her believe in me.lots of money i've spent to make her fall for me.and i've put all my effort to make her love me..but something just not quite it that she doesn't ready for a new relation? or is she already waiting for someone? or is it me that she can't fall in love with?...(sigh).
i'll do whatever it takes to make her fall in love with me..even if it takes the rest of my life..
thats all..

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improvement??i don't know

its been a month since i had crash on her.and as long as i remember she had been very supportive and open for a "tudung labuh" girl..i remember one night when i went to see her and we talked for hours the whole night.i love to see her face when she wake up from bed...i say, she really is my SLEEPING BEAUTY!!

but still i don't no where our destiny will bring us..hopefully it'll bring us together forever..if i had one wish tonight, i wish a million trillion lifetime that i can spend with u.fall in love with u again and again...

thats all..

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