lepas mid-sem

wow, i'm back in here.my cousin just flew to japan today.i knew it would be 4 to 5 years to meet her.its a warm day n kinda raining for awhile in the noon.maybe god want to give cool for a sec.today i'm doing nothing.just wasting my time after exam.its kinda relaxing for 3 days straight.i woke up,play futsal,got something to eat,watch tv,eat again and go to sleep.i kinda active this week.tomorrow i got futsal match.we are so lucky to be chose to play in the opening match.but guess what,we got to play against last session champs!woohOO...sound tough..yet it would be fascinating.i hope so..

another side story is about new anime in the house.'Blood+' about vampire,just got into me.all of it is 50 episode n i had only watch 28 episode so far.i never knew if i can manage my time well with this new coming anime in my house.

thats all..

dream and again..

(last week story...3rd-March)

hi..its been weeks to be back here. I try to be here more often after dis. only 2 weeks more to go before mid test and i got lot of work to do. there are some problem though. like bout my bike, i thought my dad agree to buy me one.but it seems like he'd changed his mind and it ll like forever before i can convince him bout my bike again. some bad news doesn't always come alone. the good news is i got a new house for next sem. it a big house and cheap! the best part is i gonna get a single room. =)

yesterday i got a wierd dream. in my dream i met my cousin - sweet dahiyah - and we change glance. then suddenly she ran towards me and hug me tight. her lips touch mine and i can feel the sensation trough my lips though its only a dream. it so sweet. we roll on the grass with each hands tightly around waist; feeling every moment deeply. then i woke up smiling. i dont no if i smile satisfied or happy but surely it been in my head the rest of the day.....only a dream though.

dreams make me think of thing, feeling, something i forget, something to learn or something i miss....sometimes dreams come true and it feels like deja vu.
i dont have anything to say.

thats all...