easy come, easy go

Full size image just to fill in some gap. Haha. Screw me. But today I feel nice. Everything went perfect. Thank God.

thats all..

Born to be a leader?

"Everyone will be asked about their responsibility. Either its about his family, his community or even himself. So what do it takes to be a good leader? Wisdom isn't any part of me. Lack of maturity, cannot make a good judgment, got it wrong every times. That is what I see in me. The question now is How do I be better at this?"

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What a beauty you posses

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oh my work

What will you do? 
The history have shown you so many stories.
Its either we learn from it or just let loose.
I want to learn.

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Being nice is okay as long as its helping you as much as its helping others

Not doing what I was supposed to do just because I'm too kind to everybody. Pity on me.
Carry on with this attitude some times does help me in one way. But eventually it does more damage than its benefit me.
Does that mean I have to start being selfish and don't care for others?? That is not like me at all..

thats all..

Happy Coin day!

No. Its not related at all. I don't know if Coin day exist but I celebrate one today just to escape from hardworking weeks. I just need a little push to get me going again. But who would kindly do it for me? I don't feel like doing anything right now. Maybe another hour after this I might realize I wasted more of my life doing nothing but failing again and again.

SPOILED KIDS - Its a hard time for teachers nowadays. I can imagine how hard it must be to teach these kids manners and matters. Some of them got spoiled by their parent really bad, they didn't even bother to come to school or even do their homeworks. Maybe their parent do them instead. Then when their children got scolded they come to the teacher and try to tell them how to teach like they are the one who invented education. Is it for real? They've spoiled their kids more by doing that. What do you think would happen to the kid if suddenly they lost their parent? Would they survive in this world? I don't think so.

CATS - Every cat is dumb. They can't swim. They are so lazy they just eat and sleep. They can't help the blind. The can't get down from high place. They grooming their self half of their entire life. BUT they are CUTE when the were little. No one can resist that look on their face with glowing big wetty eyes. Oooh..So cute~!

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I'm not okay

"Baru 5 bulan masuk koas tapi dah rasa macam dekat setahun dah. Ada macam malas pun ada, ada macam tak larat pun ada. Nak kata takde kemajuan, rasanya dah banyak belajar dah ni. Cuma displin je entah ke mana. Susah betul nak konsisten buat kerja perfect. Tapi usaha tu kena ada.

Last skali bila dah kerja pun tak jalan, baru lah sibuk nak balik rumah lah, nak break lah. Macam-macam. Biar bersusah-susah dahulu bersenang-senang kemudian."

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for forty fort or of

Chinese New Year meal just fun! We bbq some chickens and it really nice. When another holiday will arrive? Soon? Wanna do some more.

thats all..