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I got very busy this week. First day to arrive in Medan sure got me tired.I got here on wednesday and at the same day i register for 4th sem here in USU. but i got stuck on some problem and i had to wait till next monday to settle it. when everything done, what i did is just sit home watching tv. nothing interesting me lately..i got tired of girls and damn if i falls for one again. it seems like everyone just happy the way they are. so i have to be one...happy with this life.
i thinking about having a new bike as mine now burns fuel like drinking from glass. i got to spend extra from my budget. but as my family just moving into a new house i thought it will be another two or three month before i can get a new bike. maybe i should wait for allowance from JPA will be much easier to pay at full price using that money and it won't burden my parent...
when i went back to Malaysia, i got click again with Sob.she'd been very supportive and really good friend. we went out together on New year nite but we don't celebrate it. she need to be in her campus before twelve. but still it leaves me a good time to remember on and on. i hope we can still do that everytime i went back. now we have to be part for a moment and only frenster is the place for us to change stories and thought...
every night i had this hard-to-sleep-got-thinking-over-someone disease. it would take over an hour to two until i can sleep...i really hate this 'thing'...hopefully it'll pass away soon..
thats all...

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i am one damn stupid guy

i don't know what else i can say...i'm so down and
sad...its all just too clear...she is not MINE!! she
can never be mine!!why can't i accept that?! i'm so
stupid to think that she too had feeling for
me...shame on me. For all feels that i had her,for all
love that i cherished alone,for all dreams that faded
by time....i am a total LOSER!!! i am one damn stupid

i'd act like fools for a long time to realise it just pathethic!!

from now on i decided to end all this foolishness. she
will never be in my diary of life again!!

thats all..

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miss her very much

every night before i sleep i would think about her even if i don't want to. then slowly all the memory about her will appear and shown in front of me like movie. it takes an hour before i was back on my feet again. i try to forget her even for a moment but lately its been harder and i can't bear it any longer.every night i feel like shouting out to her though i know she will never hear me.
thats all..

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