Brastagi trip

its fun and enjoying for me last weekend. Me and my friends went to high ground to take some fresh air. its so refreshing and exciting. We went there by bikes and a mobile. The road just fine when we started our journey. By the end of town, the road got worsen. We set out by night and hoping to arrived by dusk. Too much to wrote here actually but I just don't have much time nowadays.

Something bad did happened on our way home. its raining that morning when we rode down hill though its not heavy but still it wets the road. I had to slow down and got left behind occasionally. I tried speed up for sometimes but it end ups to be a really bad idea. There in front of me, a car suddenly made emergency brake on one of sloppy corners. I rammed the brake as hard as I could but my tire just loss its grip and it slides up screeching terrible noise. I had no other options but to bend left to softer ground hoping my bike would land on the grass. But I miscaculated it and instead I land on hard and wet road. The impact leds a terrible loud bang. Thank god I managed to slow down the impact and only had some minor bruise on my knee. After the fall, I looked to myself and my bike. I don't have nerve to ride it at that moment but I had to get hold of myself. I really don't want anyone worrying so much about me. This is my first incident since I learn to drive vehicles.

Thats all..