Masa aku ikut jemaah hari tu, ada lah orang offer sumthing. Dia ada anak dara sorang. tapi dia tak nak menantu orang biasa. kalau boleh nak yang agama kuat sikit. biar terjamin sikit masa depan anak dia. pastu ada lak sorang lagi. Minah ni kapel dengan mamat kristian pastu mak bapak dia tak suka sebab dia nak kluar islam sebab nak dengan balak dia. Jadi mak dia pun offer la dia kat orang jemaah tu.

Bila aku pikir balik, macam-macam cara Tuhan nak tunjuk siapa jodoh kita. Dari dulu duk terkejar-kejar, terkinja-kinja kat awek yang tak penah dapat. Bila dah jadi macam ni baru aku sedar, Tuhan nak tunjuk kat aku sebab aku macam tak sabar nak kahwin. Jodoh pertemuan tu ada kat tangan Tuhan. Cuma kita tak tahu je dengan sape dan bila kita akan berjumpa. Yang penting cool sentiasa.


thats all...

what to do

Oh man..oh man..~

nak buat ape esok?

study malam ni tapi petang dah penat memasak utk 20 org buka pose. terawih lagi..japgi nak pegi imigrasi dengan amik baju. Penat~!!!

thats all..

Must stay up!

I am suppose to do my work and finish my paper but it seems like there is no end to it. Almost everyday I have to type assignment using this lappy. Fuhhh! So hard but they say this department is the easiest. Well I just have to pace up a bit. Don't wanna get left behind.

My eyes can't see straight anymore. I must get some rest. Urghh~

thats all...

p/s: Panda eyes tomorrow for me..yippie~

Begin Again

I got a little busy lately but yet I still had time to lazy around. I really hope I can change than being the same me back there before clinical. Right now I am just a few step away from being a doctor.

"Payah ke nak cabut gigi orang? Nak cucuk anestesi pun dah cuak-cuak. Jarum tu bukan besar mane pun."

Ni gaya komunis mane lak nih?? haha..belajar mencucuk anestesi memang memerlukan gaya dan seni tersendiri..hehe

thats all..

Thank God~!

"Alhamdulillah dah selesai ujian skripsi tadi. Dosen memang baik-baik belaka. Semua memang nak tolong aku siap cepat-cepat. Alhamdulillah. Dah daftar untuk koass dah pun tinggal nak tambah perbaikan skripsi then dah boleh jilid.
Dapat masuk klinik kat departemen bedah Mulut. Nanti masuk skali dengan geng Din Julu..Kompem meriah gile. Oo yeah!! huhu"

Time to take a nap..gtg..

thats all..

Race against time...never won..

All went as planned for last week. Suddenly the news came to me. A bad news. There will be no 2nd intake for clinical on 23 August. How can that be happening??
I told my lecturer the news and she help me out all the way. She talked other lecturers out so that I can have my paper presentation in advance. Fortunately everything have been set so I can present my paper tomorrow. Thank God!

Now its up to me to do my best. With the condition I am right now, I know there will be so much revision to be done after my presentation. But with the next clinical intake is 3 days away, I just have to take the risk. I think this is the furthest leap I ever take. I pray for God to make everything went on smoothly.

thats all...

What mom said..

"Banyak-banyak doa. Kalau nak buat ape pun, mesti doa dulu. Minta dengan Allah supaya mudah kan segala urusan. Sebab semua datang dari Allah. Senang, susah, sakit sihat. Semua Allah yang bagi..."

...and thats what I did.

Alhamdulillah seminar dah lepas. Dosen pun datang tadi gelak-gelak je. Tak masam muka, serabut serabai. Kira nya semua ok la. Perbaikan ada banyak skit tapi Insya Allah boleh siapkan dalam 2 hari ni. Mudah-mudahan.

thats all..

Wait up time!

Keep changing my plan again and again. I guess thats what people call destiny. When you you expect something different, then the unexpected thing come and change everything.
I used to mad at my lecturer for delaying my seminar. but turns out God made her to give me times off so that I'm not gonna do stupid things. And thank God that didn't happen. Well I guess I better start studying. =)

thats all..

Light surrounding you

I thought it was over, but the feeling was returning and time made us change..

 thats all...

In too deep

Once there is a girl that really suprise me out coz she's so good at playing games with guy. When I'm with her, she turned me into some naive guy not knowing what to do next. Even a simple touch or holding hand will do but its not working for me. Thanks to that I lose her. huh!

I guess I have to build up my game. Get to the next level.

thats all...

It happens everywhere

"A 14-year-old was forced into prostitution and sexually abused by a series of men after going missing from her home in Greater Manchester.
Nine men were convicted in connection with the abuse, which took place in February and March 2008.
The girl, described as vulnerable, was "used as a commodity" for sexual activity with the men, police said.
In a statement issued following the convictions, the girl said: "These people exploit young girls, introduce them to prostitution, feed them drugs and alcohol and tell them they love them."

 "An investigation is under way in Indonesia after pornographic images were broadcast on an internal TV channel in the country's parliament.
The X-rated footage was visible to staff and journalists for 15 minutes before security staff were able to turn off the stream, local media report."

"Young children are supplying an increasing demand from foreign tourists who travel to Brazil for sex holidays.The country's erotic reputation has long been attracting an unwanted type of tourist. Every week specialist holiday operators bring in thousands of European singles on charted flights looking for cheap sex. Now Brazil is overtaking Thailand as the world's most popular sex-tourist destination."

what the hell's happen with the world today??!!

These what brings wrath upon ourselves.

thats all...